Idle Tower Tycoon

Welcome to Idle Tower Tycoon.
Revolutionary new Incremental game with Time Traveling Machine.
Are you ready to be rich and collect all artifacts in the history of mankind?
Are you ready to beat all your rivals and be the Number One Villain in the Universe?
Build the best Tower in each location, become rich tower tycoon. Collect enough energy and Time Travel to new locations.
To become the number one you’ll need to be a very effective and smart manager.

Build as many floors as you can in each location to mine more gold and super cash.
Upgrade each floor to earn even more gold and energy.
Collect energy and use your Time Machine to make time travels to new locations.
Become a time traveling tycoon.

Use special cards to boost your Towers and make more money.
Complete daily tasks and get nice prizes.
Beat your enemies in challenging mini games.
Send your Robots to expeditions to get more collectable cards and cash.
Collect Artifacts and become the best Time Traveler in the Universe.
Unlike other incremental business games, your towers will continue to generate cash and gold when you are offline.

– Casual, fun and easy gameplay
– Time Travel Machine
– Many different locations
– Tournaments with your Rivals
– Funny companion Robots
– Daily Tasks
– Daily rewards
– Challenging Mini Games
– Idle cash income
– Nice graphics and animation
– Nice sound effects

This game is a Industrial and Time traveling simulator.
If you like clicker, miner and Idle games, if you think that you can be a good industrial manager/ Idle Time Traveler is perfect for you!

It is an incremental mining simulator that lets you control your Towers and make time travels with your Time Machine ship using mined energy.